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The Peninsula Wars was a conflict between RFCP, LGA, DKA and Cosmic.

The fighting ended in RFCP victory, while LGA transferred their remaining servers to RPF, swearing they will come back and in bigger numbers to get revenge against RFCP, though LGA has shown no chance of success.

Declaration of War

Tensions ran high between RFCP and LGA when both armies set their eyes on 2 free-land servers, Cold Front and Ice Bank, LGA leader at the time, HippieFresh, declared war on RFCP, with no allies, and no colonies.



The war officially started with the defense of White House, with an inconclusive result, Commander Prior Bumble had logged on right in front of his professor in the middle of class to back the RFCP soldiers in the last 3 minutes.

The next combat event was the Battle of Cold Front, with RFCP seizing the day and LGA retreating before the end of the battle. This was also the debut battle of the "Red Wave" tactic, with a pinpoint formation while spamming E+L and doing E+9 in a clockwise movement, this tactic was classified since that July as they had been practicing it.

The shortest and smallest battle of the war was the Invasion of Ice Bank, it only lasted one room as the LGA logged of very early, despite being a preferred time for both armies. LGA had no excuse for this and was quickly losing respect and faith from a certain soldier. Prior Bumble used LGA's increasing exhaustion to RFCP's advantage, almost immediately scheduling more invasions.

Next came the Taking of Great White, a very historical battle as RFCP met a solo maximum of 20, this was also the battle where Raider had enough of LGA and went to RFCP. LGA refused to retreat, but all resistance was futile, the RFCP force overwhelmed, and now, the LGA had nowhere to run.

The Defense of Cold Front was the biggest and last battle of the war, with LGA desperate for a victory, they quickly colonized Cosmic army and removed the term for no allies or colonies. This battle had participants of DKA supporting RFCP and Cosmic with LGA, the battle ended in RFCP domination, with certain tactics taunting the LGA, for example, the RFCP used: THANK YOU FOR RAIDER in a claw formation.



The war ended with the Defense of Cold Front, with no LGA victory and complete RFCP conquest. In the CPA discord, LGA was cursed for cowards, as they had been overconfident in beating RFCP without NVA, but always backed out when they had to face RFCP alone. LGA transferred all servers to RPF, all while RFCP was celebrating with very high morale and love.