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The RFCP testimonies consists of a variety of different soldier's anecdotes in the RFCP. Each of these reports are written by each soldier, making a statement on how they joined, how they feel inside of RFCP, and others.


Consist of a) RFCP origin story, and b) Testimony about RFCP

Prior Bumble, (August 23, 2019)

This channel is for posting a) your RFCP origin story, and b) your testimony about RFCP

Don't worry, this is not a retirement post

My name is Prior Bumble. This is my testimony.

After 10 years of not touching Club Penguin, I hopped on CPR out of nostalgia in June 2019.

One day, I was trying to beat the Protobot level of System Defense in the EPF room. I was probably on my 7th or 8th try when I noticed a bunch of penguins sitting around the EPF table, save for one seat. So I took it. There was silence, and then someone goes, "Uhh....someone say something."

I thought, All right, what the heck. And started giving orders and assigning roleplay missions. My notoriety exploded. People called me sir, and I rolled with it. More and more people logged on every night to meet up and sit at the table with me. Soon, we were so big that we made a Discord and joined Club Penguin Armies. As a veteran of 2008 armies, I was shocked to see it was still around.

My testimony is that RFCP is a community of loving, real, beautiful people. People who actually care about each other. There is laughter and smiles, but also carrying each other in times of heartbreak. Sometimes it feels like all I know for sure is that RFCP brought me closer to who I feel I am inside. I didn't know how lost I was for 10 years until I found Prior again, and Prior was lost until he found all of you.

This is a family: I wake up to you. I go to sleep to you. I think about you when I'm driving or picking up take out. I even pray for everyone here, by name. The people in RFCP bring to life parts of me I thought were dead forever. It is a welcoming, supportive, loving community. The kind that will be in our hearts, long after the snowballs have been thrown. I am so proud to be its leader.

Every emotion of affection, comfort, and warmth you feel here, please bring it out to someone else in the world who needs that too. Take what you've gotten here and give it as your most important mission.

You are never alone, and you belong here. I love each and every one of you, with all my honor, and all I am.

-- Commander Prior

Cabin0416 (Deleted User) (August 23, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

In mid-June, 2019, I was considering rejoining the CPA community. The nostalgia, man. The nostalgia. As many of you know, I have joined the community in 2014, when I was like 10. Then, on June 21, I did. Four days later, on June 25, I joined the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. This was due to luck on the #armies channel on the Club Penguin Armies Discord server. Once I joined, I made some things for RFCP, like the flag. On June 27, Prior saw my contributions and promoted me to Ice Agent. I continued to remain active in RFCP, in both Discord and battle. On June 29, I was promoted to Lieutenant. Once again, I continued to remain active in RFCP, in both Discord and battle. I feel due to what Prior saw in me, my leadership abilities, he promoted me to Colonel on July 7. Being a Colonel is a big deal, because it is an officer position. Soon enough, on July 17, I was promoted to General. Since then, I have continued to be active in RFCP and in CPA politics. I have just recently made the decision to revive my Club Penguin army news site from 2015.

Recently I have been considering retirement from the RFCP. This is due to my mental health.

But I'm not going to retire. I love RFCP too much, and I love everyone in RFCP.

-- General Cabin0416

(also, I have sworn in more than 15 people into the RFCP)

Lucky (August 23, 2019)

Ya probably wonderin how ya go 'ere. Well I'm pretty sure ya aint but im gon tell ya anyway.

Idk somethin like two months ago, was talkin to a fella of mine when the topic o' Armies came up. I 'member bein part of an army 'fore but nothin serious.

me bud heard the story of RFCP n' started talkin bout it, seein them recruitments n' such. eventually i did a bit o' me invesigatin meself n' invited meself to the discord hehe.

there i met mista Prior n' i requested to meet em in person fo official enlistment. there Prior swore me in n' it was a real doozy.

I made a whole lotta friends in ere n' im avin a great time. :)

(the bar helped me establish meself nicely)

HamsterloverL (August 23, 2019)

My name is Sergeant HamsterloverL, and I am a Club Penguin veteran. When I first heard of Club Penguin Rewritten in late June of 2019, I was ecstatic. I was so happy to be able to relive memories from my childhood. In early July, I was sent a postcard to join the EPF (one of my favorite parts of the original Club Penguin). As I walked in for the first time, I was surprised to see all of the Command Room chairs taken up by penguins wearing matching uniforms, taking orders from a militant leader. I had no idea what was going on, but I was curious, so I sat down next to an equally confused penguin (we later became best friends). I soon realized I had stumbled upon a Club Penguin Army: The Recon Federation of Club Penguin. At first I had no intent to join RFCP, since I was never interested in Club Penguin Armies in the past. I saw a lot of other people who were joining and I guess Prior Bumble was really convincing, so I decided to give it a try. As I enlisted I honestly had no idea what I was getting into, and I would never have guessed that RFCP would have become like a second family to me. Everyone in the community was so welcoming and I made so many new friends. At first, Prior seemed intimidating but I soon found out that was not the case. Not only is he a great leader but he is very approachable and fun too (more on that later). Before my first battle I was so worried I would mess up and everyone would hate me, but Prior and the whole community were so understanding.

The battles actually turned out to be really fun. The whole community chanting messages and emotes in unison made me feel like I was part of something big. Literally everyone here is so supportive and friendly. I think what makes RFCP so special is that even though we take being an army seriously, we still are a family. We have lots of fun together (Feddies, Lucky's, after dark chat, Prior at 3 AM, etc.) and we are always there for each other. I can't say it enough, the community of RFCP is really the best. I am so thankful to have been in the EPF Command Room that evening, as I cannot imagine how my summer would have been if I didn't have RFCP. ERAT IPSO SACRA!!!!!!

--Sergeant HamsterloverL

Benie? JEONGYEON’S EGGS(August 23, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

I used to play club penguin, and I rejoined once after it shut down and re opened if that makes sense. I really wanted to do PSA missions so I became an EPF agent because I’m stupid and don’t know how to do them still to this freaking day-

Anyways I go to the epf room and I see the RFCP and my first immediate thought was “what gang is this?” And I had no idea about the CP Armies, but I saw LGA recruiting once but I got a bad vibe from them so I decided not to join, so I was clueless and thought it was just a meeting, idk.

I go up to Prior and I’m like HALLO and when he started acting formal I was like “holy crap this isn’t a game” and the thought came it might’ve been another army

He asked me if I wanted to join RFCP and I was like “uhm well idk what it is”

He explained it to me and after I heard what it was I was like HELL YEA HOW DO I JOIN

I was sworn in and I actually thought that after we joined we couldn’t do anything else on CP, like we had no life

(Now looking back Prior is an awesome person and would not do that )

My first time at the lucky bar, I met rare (can you see where this is going) and we became friends really quick because we had a lot in common (we actually met though that prior incident I feel uncomfortable bringing up... haha) so we started hanging out more (dramatic love story haha) and yea, I seriously love rare so much (he’s my boyfriend now!) Honestly my story isn’t that interesting, but neither am I

Love you guys

WaterBoi Chad (August 24, 2019)

My name is Chad but I am known to those on CPR as "Water Boi". My origin story is a little different. I am a frat guy at heart, and my heart belonged to fortnite. That is until a few buddies of mine dared me to play another game in place of fortnite. That game was Club Penguin. I hadn't played or thought of Club Penguin since I was about 12 years old, so I really didn;t know how it was going to go. So, after begging for an EPF invite in the mine, I excitedly went to the EPF room to see what I was missing. A purple fellow with the last name Bumble greeted me as "soldier", and with my heart still holding onto fortnite, I decided to roll with it. And yet, here I am, still going with the flow. IRL, I am probably not someone that most of you would approach. Probably because (as I've been told) I give off a "jock" vibe. I then became friends with said purple fellow and here I am.

Thank you for coming to my TED TALK.

and for all my bilingual amigos, gracias por todo el amor

Sofia (Deleted User) (August 24, 2019)

(No Longer in RFCP)

My name is Sofia, and this is my pretty short story. Before I played Club Penguin, I HATED it. I regretted it. My friend Talia introduced me to Club penguin Online. A week later I couldn't see Talia. That is when I realized I was in the wrong CPPS. A few months (somewhere in late July), I saw a bunch of peeps advertising for RFCP. But I was part of Red Rebellion back then. So I quit and joined! I forgot who recruited me. But I remember the oath was different.

I love RFCP, it's like RR! Full with kind people! I am currently standing as an Ice Agent for RFCP. Once a soldier, always a soldier!

Kid95 (August 24, 2019)

Mopia member here, just in case I got to make that super clear. I was a regular CP user when I was a kid, and therefore CPR came to me as a pleasant surprise for childhood reasons. I happened to run into Mopia, and the second time I was part of one of their CPR rogue raids, I noticed a Discord server link being shared and though, "Oh what the heck, let's see where this goes".

I hadn't used Discord since the last time I played online (somewhere around the end of 2017, so ~1.5 years), and I was against joining gaming communities because of the toxicity that they're filled with, but Mopia was something different, and that's why I'm still here today.

Even when the CPA community had its bad and ugly moments, I still stuck around because I knew that the majority of us, even if we were rivals in the community, would stand together and support each other. I take pleasure in writing this here for you guys, because this group possesses a unique atmosphere that I find really intriguing and awesome. I still love Mopia loads, but out of all the other army servers I've been a part of, this is now the only one I visit every now and then.

I'm happy I made the decision to join Mopia. It's a unique experience to me in several respects, and it led me to meeting you guys. Your army possesses character, and your leaders express dedication and responsibility, while also preserving the army's history. You guys are lucky to be a part of a community that loves you for giving your time and energy to it.

I think I've spoken enough for now haha

Moody (August 31, 2019)

You all know me as Sgt. Moody. About 2-3 months ago I had just joined CPR and was about to log off one night, when a man in Black uniform came to me and asked for me to join the RFCP. At the time, I was gonna hang with some friends but i decided to let the man talk a bit. Eventually I was drawn in, and now RFCP is the family i never thought I needed.

Hows that for a testimony @Prior Bumble

Uncle Cob (EGCP) (August 31, 2019)

(from EGCP)

My name is Cobra. I joined cpa in 2013 with RPF. left around 2014. Was in nachos a bit. Joined CPRA in 2017, with DKE. Rose the ranks really fast. DKE died. Join CPC, got 3ic then later 2ic. Led DKE again and then Romans. Served in EGCP in summer 2018. Helped create the RDA, a no longer existing army that defeated RPF and the long dead ETA. Retired in October 2018. Became VP of CPAS in 2019 to the end. Now I'm basically leader of EGCP. Tho I don't do much cuz I hate a life, no offense. RFCP is a nice army I love prior and I love the constant "fun times" i have here. thanks.

Praise be EGCP

Raider (August 31, 2019)

My name is Raider, i joined the RFCP after i betrayed and left the LGA. I can already see it was a better decision than staying in there, i already have had a couple memories here, i just bought Prior Bumble a drink at Lucky's, then temporarily died of drinking too much. Luckily, heh, luck, i was electrocuted back to life. Prior Bumble is a good leader and is probably the best, but the better thing is i can call him and everyone here my friend. And uh, i should add HOW i came to join the RFCP. It was right after the battle of Great White and i was captured on the Iceberg by Shepard and Ivanovich, i was brought in for questioning and after making a kind of hard decision, i left the exhausting LGA and joined Prior Bumble's cause. I betrayed the LGA because i knew they were going to fail, LGA had been around for a while in CPA but i think it's time has passed in favor of new and young armies like RFCP.

I also joined because i kinda had a growing respect and bonding i guess with the officers, especially Tumbling, Cabin, and of course Prior Bumble

Sapli (August 31, 2019)

(No Longer in RFCP)

Just googled testimony, it makes sense lol

Anyways i guess I’ll write one..

I’m sapli or sap (Pqrzival on cpr). I joined rfcp after I went back to club penguin because I needed a laid back game that didn’t take over my life lol, that’s just a summer thing-

I eventually waltzed into the EPF room because I had nothing better to do and the rfcp was recruiting- I didn’t ask any questions and just joined bc whY NOT

I started to get to know people and I completed the scavenger hunt and did the oath when I could. I learned the ranks and its history pretty quickly, and overall I’m happy I joined! The events and battles are so much fun and I’m glad to be a part of something

Redbackwards (September 9, 2019)

(Part A) Hi, my name is Redbackwards, also known as Red or Der, and I’m a proud member of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. I joined only a few days after I created an account on CPR, and I only created the account because I needed a distraction and wanted to relive some nostalgia over the summer. So, one day, I walked into EPF, and I saw RFCP recruiting. I was very confused, needless to say, but I sat down and listened to what this random guy typing in all-caps was saying (who I soon found out was Prior Bumble, who is a lot more than just a random guy who used caps-lock). Anyway, I was sitting next to another confused penguin, and I was completely lost as well. I had no clue what was happening, and I think at one point I even ran up and shouted at someone (who now I can assume was probably an officer) and just sent a barrage of questions their way. Anyway, Prior gave the oath to me and all the penguins there, and then I joined the discord. When I joined, I laughed at the idea of a club penguin army and figured I would stay for 2 days for kicks, and then leave. Well, two months later I’m still here and loving it.

(Part b) I remember little from my first battle, other than I logged on like an hour early so I could once again bombard people with questions lmao, and I also remember I was dumb and said “BARF FACE” instead of doing E8, because like I mentioned, I thought armies would be dumb and have bad chants (and wow was I wrong). I died of embarrassment that day and haven’t made the same mistake since lol. But jokes aside, I love RFCP. Some of my favorite memories are the nights at Lucky’s, the Feddies, the voice-chats (I mean all of them, from cat games to Elmo singing), crushing LGA in the Peninsula Wars, story-times with Prior, the list could go on. RFCP has given me so many things and I’ll never forget the people here. I got the best summer, life-long friends who are honestly too sweet to me, people to confide in, laughter, a sense of community, and so much more. I’m proud to be here, and I hope I never leave.

Kailey (September 10, 2019)

(No Longer in RFCP)

(Written strangely because it was an essay for school)

Everyone has a story. Some people have many stories. Stories about learning to ride a bike, stories about love, and stories about loss. However, who says great stories are limited to the rules of reality? Do the rules of reality restrict us from being who we want to be? Perhaps, but those of us with internet access have the power to write our own stories and break the rules of reality. The story about me, the real me, lives online and it all began this summer. July 14th was a completely normal day, but a day that changed everything about how I see myself today. I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf. In a room full of people, I would rather be alone and in a virtual world full of players behind their screens, I thought the same would be true. That all changed when I stumbled upon my new friends. I was looking for some way to entertain myself one night and decided to look at the player made houses to see if any virtual parties were going on. I came across a strange gathering in one of the houses. It almost looked like a cult to be quite honest. There was a small group of people, all in matching clothes, sitting in an empty room. Strange as it may be, my interest was piqued. I dressed my player in the same outfit they were all wearing and sat down with them. They didn’t seem to notice I joined them and didn't question my presence. “Hey, let’s go to the bar before our meeting begins!”, one of them exclaimed. “Great idea!” everyone agreed, and so I followed along as they went to a makeshift bar in one of the player’s houses. The owner of the makeshift bar was a quirky man named “Lucky”. “How’s it going mate?” he asked. Through the way he typed I could tell he was Australian, or at least pretending to be. We all laughed and joked around for an hour before their previously mentioned meeting began.

“Hey guys, it’s 9:00 PM! We’re going to be late!” said a player named Phoebe. So I followed them to another room with a big table in the middle. Others wearing the same uniform gathered around the table, waiting for the meeting to begin. Suddenly, the room went quiet. A very militant looking player entered the room and sat down at the head of the table. That militant player was none other than a man named “Prior Bumble”, the leader of their group. “Hello Commander!” someone said. I listened as they talked about a secret game invented by players. Using the virtual world we were in as a base, players created a conquest game where armies fight for “ownership” of the in-game servers. An interactive map was even created to simulate a world, with each server being its own country. The meeting I stumbled upon was an event to get more people to join their army, the Recon Federation. Right then and there I decided to join. To this day when people ask me why I joined or how I got into this game, I have no answer. However, this impulsive decision changed everything for me. I quickly became a cherished member of the community. For the first time in my life, I truly felt needed and like people wanted me around. This game taught me that I didn’t need to be a lone wolf and that I am deserving of love and friendship. Through my character, I beamed with new-found confidence, strength, and leadership. Every time we defeated another army, I felt strong knowing that I had a part in it. That intimidating militant leader is now my best friend, and he encourages me to be the person I am online in the real world. Confident, strong, and a leader. That’s who I am. That’s who I’ve always been. It just took me the right kind of friends to realize it.

Rowan Alden (September 10, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

My name is Rowan Alden (formerly DEF246), or at least that's the name I go by these days. As Kailey so rightfully points out above, everyone has stories. Our lives are great big tales of happiness and sadness, trust and deceit. Hope and despair. Truth and lies. This is one of my stories.

Life is one great big rollercoaster of ups and downs. The days of being on top of the world and the days of wanting to bury your head in the sand and begging for the world to leave you alone. It’s one of the first life lessons we learn as we mature, and on the day I joined this army, I was not in a positive place.

I’ve spent a lot of my life looking for a place to fit in, a place where I felt I belonged. In real life, I’ve finally found something remotely resembling that for when I’m at school but the instant that I would be at home, I would feel truly alone in the world. 

Enter Club Penguin Armies. I'd been editing on the wiki for a year or so when Flen came in and connected us with the new CPA community. I joined the discord server and finally found somewhere I could socialise with others. I hit it off quite well with Prior on the server and the two of us, along with infamous leader Cena, would often chat about armies in a group chat and our thoughts on current matters. I also found it easier to chat with members of RFCP since they were all very chill compared to others such as the infuriating COBRAAAAAA or ancient and mysterious members of the community.

The summer passes and I begin to wonder whether armies is where I want to be or should be.  Some serious exams are around the corner for me and I was seriously considering quitting armies altogether and just working on old wiki pages so that I had time to sort my exams out. Thankfully, Prior was around to talk some sense when I needed it.

He reminded me that leaving was just going to majorly screw me over when I needed support and, quite bluntly, suggested I join RFCP. When I panicked over trying to attend events, he told me he just wanted me in the family.

No one has ever asked me to join them before in a social group (besides my newest irl friends), I'd usually have to find my own way in, so when Prior said that, I was deeply touched. Prior made me feel wanted, he welcomed me with open arms and I will always regard him as one of my best friends in Armies. I was sworn in the same evening.

Today as I write this, I stand as an Ice Agent. I think I've finally found somewhere to fit in while alone at home. Actually, that's wrong now. I'm not alone anymore. 

I belong, and it's the best feeling in the world.

If you're RFCP reading this, thank you so much for inviting me in.

If you're thinking about joining the army, I think you'll be very hard pressed to find a leader that cares about their troops more than Prior Bumble does. He is an amazing person and the kindest leader I  have met so far during my time here in Armies. Thanks again Prior!

Moody (2nd Testimony) (September 29, 2019)

My life seemed so empty, it seemed my only purpose was to live out my life, almost like a prison sentence. Then the RFCP came into my life.

I was determined while in battle, and I loved every moment of it, and after I joined, it seemed we moved up rank after rank, i felt safe, as if this group was my second family.

Then the day came when my computer blocked Adobe Flash player, and it seemed like I was drifting away from this second family, like I was robbed of my happiness. Then I realised that I don't need Flash, or club penguin at all, because nothing can split us up!

We are the RFCP, we are above small problems like mine! And after all my history here, I now consider the RFCP my first family, for we are not split up into groups of "parents" and "children", where the parents control these kids like puppets, we are equals in every way! And if I'm wrong, you may strike me down right now! We are united! We are One! We are RFCP!

Phoebe (September 29, 2019)

My name is Phoebe and this is the story of how I joined RFCP. So one day I went online CPR and saw that two of my friends were online (Roman and Lee). They were in Lee's igloo I believe, so basically I walked into the igloo and saw them with some guy named Prior Bumble. We talked for a while. We spoke of birthdays and zodiac signs then Prior played the piano! Then I believe we also spoke about RFCP since Roman and Lee had already joined. Towards the end, we all said goodbye and logged off.

A couple days later I logged on because I saw one of my friends was online and it so happened to be Prior! He was in the EPF room I think. I went and said "Hi" to him and then he asked me if I wanted to join. I wasn't sure if I wanted to join and take that responsibility yet but I said "what the heck! why not" (in my head) and said I would love to join! He directed to me to his igloo and then I met a guy named Cabin! He told me to go on youtube and look up his video and watch it. So I did and decided to join.

When I think about it now, it could have been the best thing I have done in a while. I really love all of you so very much and you guys are my second family. I will never forget that day!

CcJay (September 29, 2019)

I guess I shall tell the tale on how I joined the RFCP. Little to be known but joining the RFCP was the FIRST thing I did once I was able to get into the EPF. It was my 5th day in club penguin rewritten after I saw a tiktok that Club Penguin lived. I had gotten an invite from a stranger penguin. I was so ready to do the Ops missions again. And role play with whoever was sitting down. To my surprise the field ops were not working, and no one was role playing. But I had found something better. I thought it was role play, but then after saying I wanted to join, i realized it was outside of Club Penguin, but what the heck, I made it this far. So I joined, I went to a penguins house, and got oathed by one Prior Bumble. Little did I know that it was the big man of the organization. And then my journey started. I’m still kinda new, I still don’t know everything, but everyday has been a journey. Every day I am filled with smiles by the chats in general (yes, I read them even if I dont talk) and get game zoned in battles. I am busy person, but when I get home and have free time RFCP is the only thing in my mind. I have loved every second. And I hope to keep growing here, and making more friends, and always trying to make others feel like I feel when i’m here. Happy.

WolfyDaEmotaku (September 29, 2019)

My testimony is unique, and is unlike any other. I started at a different spot than most, but made it to the same place. Originally, I was confused about what this army was about and how they were just another army, that I thought we were going to have some kind of rivalry with due to my confusion as to how Prior was when he was discussing who won the battle vs PZF. Turns out that's not the case because of RFCP joining NVA and I met RFCP's current leader, also known as Commander, Prior Bumble.

When I first met him I thought he was a cool guy and would be someone I could actually get along with. When he first showed the NVA leaders his diagrams of formations, we knew he was a very good leader and someone we knew was going to do great with the rest of the NVA armies. How doesn't does that have to do with me joining RFCP though? It is because from that moment I start to grow a closer relationship with it and eventually came the thing about me x Prior ship. Ever since then I start to have the feeling of wanting to see how his army was and eventually asked for an invite to the server.


Did that change my thoughts of the army I was leading and saw how much of a cool family RFCP was and how well I was getting along with the other members. On August 20, 2019 was the day I officially decided to go up to Prior and tell him I was ready after debating it for so long to come join him and serve under him. It was a hard thing to do, but I was brave enough to be able to go up to my now Commander and tell him I was ready to join him. Ever since then... I have never regretted that decision and will never have the need to ever do so, because there will always be a major love from me to Prior, and all the other soldiers of RFCP.

Every time we have a battle or any kind of event I always have motivation knowing I am doing something not just for myself, but for a whole group of amazing people because that is exactly what every single person here is. An amazing person who I am glad to have crossed paths with and never want to stop walking in the same path as them or any other family to do amazing things. My journey from being in CPO Pirates just learning about CPA to being in RFCP as a General has gone a long way and I am happy to continue this journey in RFCP for the longest time.

My name is Wolfy, and I am a glad to say that I will forever hold this rank of General with every piece of love as I do with my fellow officers and soldiers.

Lord Faarquad (September 30, 2019)

(No Longer in RFCP)

I was pretending to be a master of tax fraud when I met Lee who brought me in and I saw that sweet sweet meme section and that led me to meet some pretty cool people.

My life hasn't been a super sad train wreck but being able to communicate with people just brightened my day when I am down. Over all its just a super fun time to be in this discord and in this group.

People who I just have met and all happy to meet me and even though so far I have yet to join in a battle due to my trip I would glad to join the next one.

I just felt really welcomed into a community that at first I was really confused about. I do over step my meme boundary sometimes but people do forgive and forget so im glad that I ran . into a recruiting at the EPF command room because its led me into a group of people who are very welcoming and kind.

Im not sure if I did this correct but thanks for reading what could be sumes up into a couple of sentences if you removed then times I just repeated myself but used a different wording.

Shallissa (October 17, 2019)

Hello, I think I've given a testimony before but I feel like I should do another. I oddly stumbled across RFCP one day, before it was even an army. I was innocently mopping the iceberg and minding my own business, when a penguin named Prior Bumble ordered a group of penguins to throw snowballs at me. They told me to leave but anybody who knows me knows I don't like to listen, so of course I stayed. After a short conversation with Commander Prior Bumble, and Red naming me Bob; I was officially a proud member of the RFCP and I have been here ever since. I quickly ranked up and became the first General of RFCP. At one point rank was important to me and I felt like I would only be liked or respected with a high rank. After some long talks with Prior and long talks with myself I decided that for now it's best for me to stay out of the rank system and focus myself on the friends I have made along the way. Every single one of you has impacted my life in a positive way at some point. When I say RFCP is my family, I mean that with all of my heart. I think about you guys all the time, I worry for you. I am so thankful to Prior for creating this community of people. We are more than an army. We all have something really special here that we are lucky to be part of. We each have a story on how we got here. We have all had ups and downs along the way. But the only thing that matters is we are here now and we are here to stay. Thank you for being amazing friends, and thank you Prior for creating this family. RFCP means more to me than you guys will ever know. I love you and I hope you all have a good night. Let's continue to kick some ACP ass! Erat Ipso Sacra!

RinRin (October 30, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

Joined as a joke, tested where the line in the sand was and built sand castles on it, now I'm expected to be a navy leader so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When life gives ya lemons!

Lizzie (November 3, 2019)

I've been here only a day, only a day and it freaking feels like home already.

I used to be in an army called Coffee Force, and when that merged I had no idea. I was quickly invited into RF then I was invited into RFCP due to some stuff and timezones and that. I actually thought I was joining the enemy.

Turns out I was completely wrong, this actually feels like the good old days of cosmic. I'm settling in already and this feels much better than RF already. I've met so many new people here and I'm sure the CF troops here will enjoy it as much as me.

I'm also happy because I can share my toasters and other kitchen appliances with everybody in RFCP, and the dude I stole them from is in here too so I'll never run out.

Thank you.

Water Boi Chad (Second) (November 6, 2019)

Given the last few days, I feel as if I owe it to you all to update my RFCP testimony. As one of the first members to give a testimony, I began by telling my origin story, but I did not go into too much detail. However, given the roller coaster of emotions of a night that will forever go down in RFCP history, I am going to completely open up unlike anyone else has before.Saying that, i understand that some of you dont care about my personal life, and thats ok. Just know that it makes me who i am and greatly influences me as a person and human being. To begin: I grew up fairly poor in a rural city in Georgia, although growing up, I had no idea of our financial struggles. All i knew was that if I wanted to be somebody, that I was going to have to work hard for it. When i became a teenager it had become apparent to me that my parents worked too hard just to barely make enough money to feed my siblings and I. That was when I truly decided I was going to make something of myself. I grew up the oldest of three boys, with one of my brothers being born with an auditory processing disorder. This kinda forced my parents to direct their attention to them, so I became close with my neighbors and their kids (where i met Em for those of you who know about that). Because one of my brothers grew up sick, and the other one was MUCH younger than I was, I grew up a loner. I fended for myself and myself only. And as i began high school, I began to resent my parents and my brother for , in other words, making my life a living hell. I was angry. Not at them, but at our situation.

So one day, my junior year of high school, I witnessed my brother, my sick brother, go into cardiac arrest. I was the only one there and I drove him to the hospital. It was then and there where i decided that there are bigger things in life than what i was worried about, and i decided to pursue a career in medicine. I graduated High School that year as a junior, at 16 years old, and I knew that the only way I could be successful was to go away for college. I applied to over 20 different school and recieves 19, very kind rejection letters. The only school I had gotten into was Baylor University in Texas. So, with my ambitions high, and my wallet dry, I moved to Waco texas to make a name for myself. After graduating HS i virtually had no one, so I decided i needed a family. With a frozen bank account and a horrifying credit score, I applied to be in a fraternity. When I had finally become accepted into the KA fraternity, it was the first time in life I could ever really say I had family that truly cared about me. Those four years of college flew by fast because of my decision to join a frat. But if i wanted to become a doctor, med school was the next step. I applied to so many med schools, only to hear back that although i seemed like a “nice guy”, frat guys were not med school material.

However the University of Texas took a chance with me and i moved to Houston, one of the best medical centers in the US. For two years i took rigorous classes, but now i find myself doing clinic work. I have performed operations, memorized nearly every orthopedic procedure, and i still find myself coming up short at work. Work became depressing. I love my job, but my boss made it impossible to have a life outside of work. So one day after my friends dared me to find a game to replace Fortnite, I thought club penguin would be a comical replacement. However, it began to slowly lose its comedic purpose and became fun. Fun like i remembered from those troubled days in my youth where we couldn’t afford dinner or I couldn’t go on those excursions with friends. It was good, free fun. Then prior approached me, blabbering about some sort of army. So with nothing to lose, i said “why the hell not”. With this came a family unlike one i have ever had. As i began to make my presence known with dumb jokes and witty comments, I began to feel more and more at home. So much at home that I was able to make a very grave mistake.

I saw an opportunity to “take out and expose” a very well known enemy of the RFCP and Prior Bumble. So, with a dumbass plan in place, I decided to act on it virtually alone. In doing so I lost the trust and respect of the few people to which those two things mattered to me. As of right now, I am working to gain this trust and respect back. I am willing to do it all because you guys are worth it. FAMILY is worth it. Thank you guys for giving me another shot. I love you guys. ERAT IPSO SACRA!

Ratlord (November 8, 2019)

Ok so y'all know I left for a hot minute, but funny enough that honestly only strengthened my faith in this family. I had left for mental health reasons as well as the drama getting to me and became a nomad, wandering aimlessly. On my adventure, none of the armies had the love and warmth yet toughness and strength we have here. Don't get me started on how unorganized and toxic certain ones were. I may have only gone to a few army chats, but honestly it strengthened my loyalty as both a soldier and a family member. I distinctly remember at first joining out of sheer curiousity and the overwelming support brought me over from ACP to here, and again when I came back from my short break from armies. I couldn't be more thankful to have as loving of a second family as y'all and I love y'all so much. Erat Ipso Sacra!

Pingu (November 9, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

since these are origin stories (i think?) im gonna share mine. In West Philadelphia born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxin- but for real, somewhere around november i joined the templars. (very bad decision) i always wanted to experience a real army besides going rouge in some cpr costume armies. but before i joined templars i joined cpo. (very bad decision x2) and then i heard armies exist so i join the cpoal and get into the templars. fast forward i join in on the summer circuit xing recorded it but i cant find it on the templars yt channel. (just 1 battle. not the entire thing.) fast forward templars were kicked out of the nva (new viking army? i cant entirely remember) and i was like "wtf why" so i enter sherlock holmes mode and surprisingly enough, i get answers. (hexxer wrote an article about this, and yes, i worked my way up to leader in training sadly.) i sent this to edu who was one of the main counselors of the nva and he confirmed it was true, that was the reason why templars were kicked out. and i think it was before that snork invited me to join the wh. after i leaked the info. i joined them and entered their events for a good amount of time. fast forward (still in cpoal btw,) epic101 copies hexxers articles (theres an article about this too. and 1 more about wh) and i was like to epic "yo wtf" and then i get banned from the cpoal (basically pointing him out on it.). but luckily i have an alt (i still have) and joined wh again. (same for pzf, since they were cool but i didnt really attend as much) fast forward wh was like "no cpo bad" and left cpoal and joined cpr. (they still do events on there) and i would still attend. fast forward and then wh gets defaced (basically a raider fucked the server) and snork sent most wh invites to the new server. fast forward (a lot since i dont remember much happening aaa) im hella inactive. then shinzo dms me and says "event, wanna come?" and i was like "sure why not" (i think cpatg exists now) and well, i got active after that and worked my way up to hussar. i did some shite which got me temp demotions (multilog in skribbl, be an ahole for some reason) and i didnt attend 1 big event i didnt go to and went to infantry. (lowest rank) and i lashed out. (this made me an ahole in the server for most of the time, but directed to 1 person, more info on that later.) the reason i lashed out because i was demoted after somewhere around over 1 year of hard work. to me thats just someone collecting valuable treasures and a robber breaking into their home and stealing those items. then this is the person i mainly lashed out on. i will not say their name but what they said was "shut up infantry" (not exactly what they said, but something like that.) i explained the 1 year of hard work thing and they say its a joke, im like wtf a joke is funny. i talk to snork and get my hussar rank back. then tourneys happen. i became the cart fishing jitsu champion of the wh. (cart surfing champ, ice fishing champ, and card jitsu champ, ngl this was my big moment.) i attend more events and the person does something that i lashed out on again for no reason and boom, banned from wh. (not the exact day, but i wanna speed this up.) and now im here in rfcp. i didnt really feel right i wasnt in the wh anymore but now i can say, this is a great army. wh will always have a place in my heart with all the puffel pizzas and meems. but this is where the story ends now. i am currently an agent writing this, hopefully i can be a higher rank sooner or later. deus vult! HURRRAAA! In crust we trust! ERAT ISPO SACRA!

Adiamond (November 11, 2019)

I first joined RFCP in August. I was new to CPA and it was a lot to take in. It didnt take me very long, but I found great friends. I am your Adiamond.

I left RFCP after some things happened in the group. Those of you who know me, know what I'm talking about. It hurt me to my core. I spent hours of my day watching the chat, it wasnt healthy for me. I was causing myself too much anxiety.

I missed my friends a lot. So much was happening in RFCP and I felt like I was missing out. I wanted to be apart of the community again. So I came back as Paperback.

I miss being who I used to be. After everyone has had time to read my testimony, I will return as Adiamond. I love you all. I cant lie to any of you anymore.

Camie Perhaps (November 20, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

So, i thought i should maybe do one of these cause of the way y'all been making me feel. As you probably know, i joined RFCP in the merge with ST under a week ago. While being in DKA and ST i was already talking in this chat, meeting new people since we were allies. During that time i thought of u guys as my second family (with the first being ST and DKA lol). Anyway, flashforward to a few weeks later and i hear ST is shutting down. I was sad of course but when i hear that we're merging with RFCP, i was hopeful for the future. In the time i've been here, maybe 5 days? i've felt so welcomed and accepted and loved. It made me feel safe and happy while i was here. I am excited for the near future in RFCP, ily all.


Roman Prince (November 20, 2019)

Hi. I wrote my testimony a long time ago then deleted it, oops. So here’s another one lmao. So I found RFCP ( or RFCP found me) when I was hanging out at the cove with my friends back in June. Some random penguin asked me to come with him and speak to his leader. I was intrigued and went. There, a group of penguins introduced themselves as the RFCP and told me to stay off the iceberg, I said I wouldn’t and I yeeted out of there. Commander Prior and his troops chased me across the whole island until we reached the boiler room. In that room is where I agreed to become a ally. After about a month of just hanging around in the discord, going to events, and many fun nights at luckys bar, I decided to officially join. We had a swearing in ceremony at the cove and in that moment I felt so special, loved, and wanted. RFCP was one of the best things I have ever been apart of. I have made so many friends (shout out to pho my hoe, ily!!) and it honestly feels like a second family to me. Everyday is a new adventure here. Even when I feel alone, I know I’m not because I have all of you and you make me laugh even when I’ve had a bad day. I love the community and am so thankful that Prior created this and brought us all together. Erat Ipso Sacra!

Lizzie (Second)(November 20, 2019)

Hello! I wrote my testimony on my first day but I figured I'd better update it.

I first found RFCP whilst being a 2ic at Cosmic. I didn't join, I just kinda sat there looking at the invite and leaving it be. This was in the CPA discord when I first started out.. So it's not that professional, I was nervous to check out other armies. When Cosmic merged with FF then FF turned into CF I was still wondering about that small army I had encountered earlier. So when I found out we were merging, I was very curious. When I took the oath, oh yes I felt like home already. I wish I never had stared at that invite and left it, I should of pressed join. I was an Agent for a few days then I received my Sergeant rank. Over these past couple weeks I've loved every moment I was here. Sure most of the mergers have gone and lapis has joined elsewhere, but I'm staying here to my turf. I love this community, and I'm happy I joined. Erat Ispo Sacra!

Rowan Alden (Second) (November 20, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

It's been a long time since I wrote my testimony.

Our world has changed so much, for better, for worse, for wait what did they say. We've been ripped apart and brought back together.

If you're new, I'll give you some context on me here.

I’ve spent a lot of my life looking for a place to fit in, a place where I felt I belonged. In real life, I’ve finally found something remotely resembling that for when I’m at school but the instant that I would be at home, I would feel truly alone in the world.

Enter Club Penguin Armies. I'd been editing on the wiki for a year or so when Flen came in and connected us with the new CPA community. I joined the discord server and finally found somewhere I could socialise with others. I hit it off quite well with Prior on the server and the two of us, along with infamous leader Cena, would often chat about armies in a group chat and our thoughts on current matters. I also found it easier to chat with members of RFCP since they were all very chill compared to others such as the infuriating COBRAAAAAA or ancient and mysterious members of the community.

The summer passes and I begin to wonder whether armies is where I want to be or should be. Some serious exams are around the corner for me and I was seriously considering quitting armies altogether and just working on old wiki pages so that I had time to sort my exams out. Thankfully, Prior was around to talk some sense when I needed it.

He reminded me that leaving was just going to majorly screw me over when I needed support and, quite bluntly, suggested I join RFCP. When I panicked over trying to attend events, he told me he just wanted me in the family.

No one has ever asked me to join them before in a social group (besides my newest irl friends), I'd usually have to find my own way in, so when Prior said that, I was deeply touched. Prior made me feel wanted, he welcomed me with open arms and I will always regard him as one of my best friends in Armies. I was sworn in the same evening. And wow, things have changed since I wrote that, two months and ten days ago today. So many faces come and gone. So many battles lost and won. So many lives, beautifully intertwined to create the place I call home.

I'm a different person to the one that joined here. I've created so many connections with faces that have been here longer than me, and ones newer to the fight.

I've learnt some things about me. A question I've had on my spirit for so many years now, answered by some of the best friends I've ever had [you know who you are.]

I am so greatful to the wonderful people who make RFCP the army it is today. Truly, this is an army that stands together, as a family.

As I said before:

If you're RFCP reading this, thank you so much for inviting me in and for putting up with my madness.

f you're thinking about joining the army, I think you'll be very hard pressed to find a leader that cares about their troops more than Prior Bumble does. He is an amazing person and the kindest leader I have met so far during my time here in Armies. Thanks again Prior, I'll always remember how you saved me.

Pööf (November 20, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

This is my first testimony. I found out about RFCP when i joined on CPR for some nostalgia and searched on youtube some secrets in the game. I found out i can have the EPF phone so i did the agent tests and got into the room. Here i saw water boi and others sitting at the desk asking people if they would wanna join. I didn't know what i was getting into but i joined. I found this to be my chance to meet new people and make new friends because in this period i was depressed to the point of suicide. I found some people i tried to make friends with and i consider them friends but i think they consider me an ordinary pal of the server. I don't know. It helped me a bit to be honest. I tried to cling to popular people in the server to get a feeling of safety and a boost in myself, that i stay with the "cool kids". I like this army, i call it a family but it makes me feel sad and happy at the same time like a chart going up and down. Even if its like how it is i still always come back here to just watch the server so i don't feel completly lost or talk with someone about anything. I don't know what my future will be here, its all blurry. But still, i can shape some of my gratitude for talking to me into love for you all.

Eva (November 21, 2019)

Here's a couple words from your admiral, mama and friend <33

I vaguely remember first joining this server. I had just rejoined ACP as their Second in Command, having previously been their Commander in Chief in 2015. ACP and RFCP were at war with each other, and I heard nothing but bad words towards Prior and this community from the people in my circle. All my expectations were proven wrong immediately, and I saw what a beautiful thing RFCP was. I decided to make my own army, the People's Imperial Confederation, and this is when I had my first interactions with Prior. He was initially upset that I was trying to remake his home army (People's Republic Army) which is why I changed the name. I later told him in DM's that I wasn't trying to annoy him, and that I respect him. That led to a back and forth between him and I.

I am a person who finds it hard to be attracted to people. And yet slowly I realised that I cared for him, more and more. At the same time I grew close to the RFCP family, and I was accepted as one of their own. The friendship Prior and I had slowly became more than I expected. I found him irresistible, his kindness and dominance. For some god damn reason he felt the same way about me. I have no idea why.

I was accepted more and more by this community, making friends with so many people, like Roman who is literally my damn twin, and Rin my Australian sweetheart, among others. Then we had the wedding, which will be something that I cherish forever. It only strengthened the magnetic feeling I had towards RFCP. The feeling that I wanted to join. It was something I had thought about for a long time, and on one quiet evening this November I finally said 'fuck it' and messaged Prior. 'I want to take the oath now.' I finally joined, and became RFCP's first Admiral.

I am so glad I have joined RFCP, and I have made so many genuine friendships here that I will never forget. You guys mean the world to me. Never forget that. I care about you guys so much, if you're ever going through a hard time feel free to message me, I'm always open. I love you RFCP (and I love you Prior <33).

Erat ipso sacra

Opino (November 21, 2019)

‌Alright, it's time for me to tell my story. My journey began many years ago in a well known game called club penguin. I remember logging on for the first time during the Medival Party 2009. At the time I didn't understand any English whatsoever, so I'd spend most of my time online with my brother beside me translating everything from clothing items to minigames. Usually he would get bored and leave after a couple of minutes, but I would stay online for hours just watching the penguins chat and emote. Eventually I got my friends playing the game too and the minute we got home from school we would jump behind our computers, log on to Skype and play. But after a while I tired and left the game for a long time.

Fast forward 10 years and enter club penguin rewritten! When I found the game I was overtaken by nostalgia and although alone this time, would spend much of my free time playing the game just messing around doing rp. One day I came up with the idea of selling "infinite snowball launchers". Dressed in a clean white suit, I entered the EPF room with the goal of running an arms buissiness by the end of the day.

I take my seat by the EPF table and start explaining my product. Across the table sits a penguin in purple, with flashy glasses and a tight uniform. He suddenly walks up to a penguin mopping the floor and starts talking about something called the "RFCP". I was naturally curious so I immediately tried turning the internet upside down in an effort to find the RFCP.

That was when I had my first contact with club penguin armies. But when I first joined I knew something was off. For I saw neither RFCP nor the name of that elegant Penguin inviting me to it. Beeing confused I went into the busy main chat and asked: "Is Prior Bumble here?"


After a short while of intense and utter silence I got a dm. Confused at first I asked where I was. "ACP", the person responded and then immediately going on about how they were a army and blah blah. But I wanted to find Prior and the RFCP! A good ~30 minutes after I initially started my search I came across the Prior Bumble Blog. Rushing to get the Discord link and finally finding the treasure!

Although my time here at the RFCP has been relatively short, I feel like I could spend an eternity here. Thank you RFCP and thank you Prior. ERAT IPSO SACRA<3

Emma (November 21, 2019)

Hello! This is my first day and I thought I'd write something here. My name is Emma and my experience with Club Penguin began sometime between 2008 and 2009 or so. I started playing the original Club Penguin at a very young age and fell in love with it. I had such a good time dressing my penguin up and making friends. When it shut down, I was devastated. I played one last time with a good friend of mien and there, I thought my experience with the game had come to an end. My younger brother told me about CPR and I immediately made an account, I've been playing on CPR for around ~250 days or so now. I just got recruited to RFCP today and I am so happy because I have already met such nice people! Thank you so much (:<3

Uncle Chad (November 24, 2019)

(Was never in RFCP)

Alright, I have decided to do this. At first I was sketchy about this place because of everything going at the time when I returned to this community. I joined the server just to see it for myself as I don't listen to rumors. I just hangout here and made friends. I then started talking to Prior myself in dms and soon we became closer than friends and became brothers rather than enemies. We got more and more involved as brothers. After that is when I started getting more involved in the server and that is when I felt started feeling the trust as well as the friendship from the rest of RFCP. I learned then that all the lies and antagonizing from the outside is because they haven't came to check it out themselves. This is definitely a well oriented family and I am glad you all Let Me In. As that was the term I would say when I first joined this. I am glad to be your Guardian Angel aka your Uncle Shad. I love you all and I will keep helping RFCP as much as possible. Also, without this place I wouldn't have really met Phoebe<3

Aditya (November 28, 2019)

(No longer in RFCP)

Hey guys! Happy thanksgiving! My story:

I joined yesterday, when I randomly clicked on the "events" tab on Oasis, and was greeted by 10+ penguins sitting around a table typing stuff all over each other. I was promptly kicked, but returned, and this occurred 3 times, until @Prior Bumble told me I could stay; at first it all seemed rly weird and thought y'all were meme-ing or something, but I was then informed that it's all part of a thanksgiving dinner activity as a part of a Club Penguin army. I always knew these existed back in the day, around 8 years ago, but wasn't quite sure how anyone could join one. I came to realise everyone here is really good friends with each other and form a community (aside from only a CP Army), and I found that really cool; I'm grateful for all of you guys to actually accept me randomly haha, and excited to talk with a bunch of people here & do my first CP battle!

Yoyoman (December 6, 2019)

Oh wow. Well I'll get typing.

Well, the first time I joined wast in September on a Sunday. There was some RFCP agents in the EPF base. I talked to them, and they told me about RFCP. I didn't think CPR ACTUALLY HIT IT OFF that well, so I thought it would be fun. Besides, they were friendly, not brooding like a stereotypical Secret Agent. So I asked on where to go, and they told me about the discord. And here I am!

It's pretty cool her NHL


October Leigh (December 16, 2019)

Ok so I joined in late July and was in the army for about a month then I got sick when my brother told prior he said that prior was super understanding. A few months passed and I kept remembering small details and events that I did while I was in RFCP. I was in oasis one day and a Penguin starting talking to me about rfcp trying to recruit me. I found my discord password and logged on to the old server but it was deleted. I went to priors blog and found this disc. A lot has changed we lost a few members like Kaylee and cabin but it’s like I never left.

I love this army so much

CoolJ (December 16, 2019)

so i was just doing my daily round of going on club penguin at night but then i saw adia online on marshmallow. Confusion I was because who the fuck goes on marshmallow(seriously who the FUCK goes on marshmallow) so I track adia down to the cove and low and behold theres a cult around the fire. More confusion ensued, so then i asked what it was and i joined. Even more confusion when Chainprovolone came online and y'all we're like "AHHHH" and stuff. Then he became general and i was an agent. Buttt now im a Major and chainprovolone said: .

Milkman (December 25, 2019)

Ok exhales. On October 26th a strange DM appeared in my inbox. It was from a fellow identified only as Prior Bumble. He was wondering what my current army affiliation was. He had presumably found me through the CPA discord. I was introduced to CPA after seeing the sacred migration of the Mopia. I affiliated myself with them for a few months. Until the great hack happened. The hack ruined my connection to Rewritten. I became more inactive then I was before. So I left the Mopia and was just a speck floating among the others in the CPA discord until Prior plucked me out of the fray. I joined soon after that first message. The first memory I have in this group is Sha talking about dick in after-dark. ILY all so much and you are genuinely some of my favorite people ever.

Emma (Christmas Second) (December 25, 2019)

You all have made me feel so welcome here, even though I’ve only been apart of this for a short time. Even through my hard times recently, so many of you have supported me and checked on me and I am forever grateful. I feel so happy to know that there are people out there that are good and care about me. I love you all, I’m sorry for being so inactive recently but I think I’m finally ready to start getting back into it. Merry Christmas y’all!

Shiro (December 25, 2019)

Alright for my testimony...

I know I haven't been here long enough but everytime I check here I feel very welcomed. I don't regret that Elp invited me here in the first place. This is like my second family and I am happy about it!

Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful family. I've never felt happy like this before!

Arne (Ally) (December 25, 2019)

(Was never in RFCP, Ally)

Testimony on my CPA history:

So during summer vacation I was looking around the CP Wikia and eventually found the CPA Wikia. I had recently restarted playing CPO, so I attempted to make my army and failed. I eventually found that I was at the wrong CPPS, and attempted to find a army in CPR. I was recruited by brotherQuack into RPF, and I had a great while with them. And then I was banned. So I joined Mopia, but they left. Meanwhile I joined PZF, and climbed up the ranks until I was HCOM, while joining and leaving the rising and falling CenArmies. As PZF allies, I’ve helped the set up of the CPW league, becoming closer to RFCP, and being Prior’s secretary or apprentice. So now im here.

Still as an ally tho

R3TRO (Ally) (January 10, 2020)

(Was never in RFCP)

I’m going to be honest, when I originally raided you guys, I thought it was going to be easy money. You didn’t do tactics and you were very disorganized. I also didn’t want you in nva as I thought you would be dead weight. But getting to know prior and seeing him win the war of smoke and sour really set Rfcp on track and it’s amazing to see the army that would throw snowballs instead of litterally anything else is now one of the biggest armies out there. Y’all really blew my expectations away and I’m proud of Rfcp

if it wasn’t for stozap calling dmt I totally would have won the invasion tho

Dagyr3 (Ally) (January 10, 2020)

(Was never in RFCP)

Ik I’m kinda new here, and don’t understand this concept that much but, throughout armies I have acquired great friends (who some are here) and it fills me with joy to see everyone having a good time and getting awards! I know I may not seem important but i want to thank you all and i hope you all are happy. But I think joining, even as allies and good friends, everyone has treated me well here and it has been fun, so i want to say thank you for being here. Be the best person you’ll ever be.

Luca (January 13, 2020)

This is embarrassing, but one day I was on CPR really struggling because my two closest friends died the week prior. I just wanted to be a kid again and not have to deal with real life anymore. After hours of reliving my childhood on CPR, I managed to run into Emma somehow. Ended up finding RFCP’s Discord and little did I know I stumbled upon a strong brotherhood full of comrades. The same day I joined as an agent of RFCP we had a practice battle against PCP on cpatg. During my first battle, I experienced this rush of adrenaline while I fought with my new brothers and sisters. Watching and participating in the battle showed me that RFCP was more than just a group of random people, but the group that I joined earlier that day was a team that had a common goal of fighting and never kneeling. With such deep roots of camaraderie between each other, I feel I can say for the first time in my life that I would give my life if needed for my fellow RFCP soldiers and officers. Sometimes I feel like a coward because of times in the past I lacked the moral integrity to help needy people in serious situations because of my inherent trait of self preservation. But the history of RFCP and all that this army has been through and stood for has and will continue to encourage me to push forward and do the right thing when no one is looking, but also when everyone is looking.

Tumbling/The Tormented (January 14, 2020)

Idk I just thought this place was pretty cool

Kid95 (Second) (January 18, 2020)

This one's late. It's been more than half a year since I joined a community dedicated to CP, ie Mopia. Eventually met up with you guys. From what I remember, before I joined Mopia, RFCP wasn't on good terms with Mopia at first but with time, we got really close. This army is the only link I have to anything "Club Penguin"-related since I wanted to be done with CP communities. I only came here because Prior asked me to stick around, but I'm seeing more reasons to stay as I spend more time with all of you. I don't intend on helping in battles (I use a VPN when I'm in any CPPS after all the security issues) although I will try to be a regular on Discord and help out here if necessary and possible.

It's a pleasure seeing the group in a much better place compared to November/December and probably even before that. Nothing's perfect, but at least there are some things we can still fix together. I don't hang around here too much, but I can see the difference every time I do. Good job to you guys for sticking together in rough times. Strive to stay together even if there comes a day that Club Penguin is no longer something to talk about, because every moment you spend with the people here makes a difference not only in your life but theirs. Just make sure it's a positive difference. :)

Erat ipso sacra!

Bashiri (January 18, 2020)

(No Longer in RFCP)

Some first impressions aside, I can't help but be intrigued at this army. There's something so kind about it that it feels the rest of CPA left behind, although hardly surprising with someone like Prior Bumble leading. I'm glad I found this army, it gives me some hope that perhaps there is a more optimistic future ahead for armies. Thank you for letting me stay and look around, you are very kind people. I might hang around a little longer, this place is nice.

But if you're looking for an army to join that's a little more about the people than everything else, look into this one a little. It shows great promise.

Poor Richard (January 22, 2020)

(Was never in RFCP)

RFCP is a very special army to say the least. In all honesty, before I started talking to y’all, I didn’t like your army(largely because of my previous involvement in ACP, and RPF, but that’s besides the point). You have changed my mind. I really like the way things are run here and how the leaders actually interact with the troops and the way all of you respect your Commander. The rfcpu is an outstanding idea in my opinion and I love how passionate y’all are about your army. I want to say thank you for being so welcoming. Your army is truly unique. Don’t lose that. You really make it a home and I can’t think of a better man than Papa Prior to be the head. Prior Bumble you have earned my utmost respect. I salute you Commander.

Lizzie (February 1, 2020)

I first found RFCP in the CPA discord. I was just scrolling through some stuff when I found the link. I just stared at it, in curiosity. I was scared of what was inside however, so I just left it. I wanted to join it though, so I did some digging in my own army at the time (which was Cosmic) and found that the army I'd found, the RFCP, were enemies of Cosmic. So i just left it and never bothered again, scared of what would happen.

The next time I'd see the link was in Fantasy Force, I stared at it again, but never joined it. By the time of Fantasy Force renaming to Coffee Force I'd been in the server twice to have a look around.

By the time Coffee Force announced to be merging into Redemption Force, I was thinking of leaving. However I didn't want to leave my friends that were in CF going into RF. So I stayed. A few days later I get a notification that we'd actually merged with the RFCP, the army I'd stared at first.

I started my journey as a Sergeant, as I was a previous leader of FF and CF. When I saw I could hardly attend any events, I decided upon asking for an EU division, the Air Force. I was loyal to the Air Force and attended nearly every event.

After 1 promotion and helping with an 11 year old build up my original army I got a DM. It was from Opino, telling me about how everybody was pissed with the HF/Cosmic deal. I explained to him why I did it, and then he went off track. He talked about the Air Force with me and then said "Wouldn't it be time for a Red Baroness?"

My heart stopped beating, I agreed because I wanted to help my division grow. I led most of the training events of the Air Force up until Tuesday, when I got officially sworn in as Red Baroness.

Erat ipso sacra. And remember, you can always conquer your dreams.

Pööf, Second Testimony (February 1, 2020)

Since everyone is posting their backstories of how they found the army and how they evolved in it i will also tell mine. I was playing club penguin rewritten for nostalgia, wanted to find some secrets googled some videos to help. A guy had 2 phones in CP so i was confused on how i get the send phone. I found nothing on the internet to my surprise and i became frustrated screaming in chat how do i get the second spy phone and right then i got the invitation from someone. I got into the EPF room and saw Watwr boy wnd the others recruiting. He asked me if i wanted to join so i said sure, it was a great opportunity to find new friends. I got in and it was hard to even get noticed in the chat. I was getting lost in the sea of comments and so i mostly DMed people to try and become friends.

I got in and it was hard to even get noticed in the chat. I was getting lost in the sea of comments and so i mostly DMed people to try and become friends. I sometimes was lucky to have a conversation in chat when the chat was not pure chaos full of messages. As time goes on i ranked up attending to battles. As i got older into the server my view on it was going down because of the sexual conversations in general chat, the attitude of some officers/leaders, and their Kailey jokes i mean come we are not first graders. I mostly ignored those, but they triggered me. One day i get put in the shoes to take care of tge airforce with Opino, and so we did. We recruited as a team just the two of us we were like brothers we even broke our door handles togather by pure mistake and luck. We did everything for the airforce ir was our baby i was so excited but.. Prior saw only Opino in it.

While i did as he did Opino got the goods for everything, he was boosted in ranks daily, i know this was unfair i did everything he was doing even recruiting in my spare time as a bonus the single thing i was not doing is plan events because Opino always planned them first and so i didn't hage a reason to also do it but i didn't wanna say anything because yes it was unfair, yes it annoyed me and made me sad but he was my friend i had to be happy for him even if i got rooted into my ranks. As days passed i told Prior, "It would be so cool if i had a role for cosmetic reasons of The Red Baron ! He is like an icon to me, i love his stories and it would be awesome if you could create a Red Baron Role for me !" . Ofc he ignored me it was not a surprize. But when Christmas came i rushed to my computer as fast as i can to sit on his lap and say my wish. "I wish to have a cosmetic role for me called The Red Baron" he said "one day". I was so happy i did not think he was gonna say that. But days after that, Opino gets Red Baron role with multiple perms.

I froze, i asked why, how, why did this happen. I felt backstabbed i saw people cheering him, giving him attention, people i always wanted to get to know but it didn't work out. Then i looked at myself standing there in my lower rank rooted for so long i asked myself why. I did everything as him i worked so hard, why did this happed. And so from that day on RFCP amplified the problems i had in my daily life. I started drinking a lot, being depressed, suicidal. I got disgusted to click the RFCP icon, to see the chat with people being happy byt i had to, maybe there was an event i had to attend to. I hated to see Opino, red as the Red Baron, my wish, my dream, my idea. I didn't even get credit for it nobody knows its even mine just some i told my story to. I spent nights not sleeping just looking behind the screen in the general chat for hours just standing there waiting for something. I was watching if maybe Phoe or someone else would say "damn, i miss Poof" but it never happened it was like i was fog in trees.

Me and Opino were like brothers a perfect Thor and Loki. Sadly, i was Loki the brother who is akways left behind, the brother who always loses, the villain. After i walked home from a place i attempted suicide but i got scared and walked off i wanted to talk to someone but i already felt bad for always talking to people and telling them my troubles i did not. I took abother decision, i will leave RFCP i said. And so i left, put my hood one and out of the door. Never looking behind for the "family" who backstabbed me and almost killed me. I built my little shelter geining roots with people to RFCP having access to as much infornation i needed to so i can know what is happening in RFCP i was always watching the server from the shadows. And even after leaving and having nothing to do with RFCP anymore i was still recruiting for you. I was recruiting alone when i got bored because i took an oath. I was loyal still even if i left and i hated myself for it but i wanted to grow the server for my very few friends i had.

I felt a duty to do it, until now i think only Opino and Rowan know that i did this. I hoped i could AT LEAST get one person in each time it was very hard to recruit people. After some time Rowan asked me to come back i told him i will not, i don't want to see RFCP ever again. I want peace. He told me to at least visit and after saying no multiple times i accepted. I said hi, stood a bit and left because i could not stand looking at Opino and the others. Again, after some time Rowan told me RFCP was in flames and Prior was acting weird and so i told him to get me and invite and to my surprise even after the events happening in RFCP some officers and Prior acted like nothing is happening like its all Flowers and honey.

And so i left i didn't wanna waste my time on literal clowns. I wished you the best of luck and left my friends in this fighting alone and i felt bad. That was my final leaving, i didn't want to come back but to my surprise, Prior was going away. Opino told me he was trsining the new leader now to take his place, i asked who ? He told me it was him. I was shocked again, it must feel good to be the lucky brother of the 2 i said to myself. He didn't want the role of leader tho. And so i told him if you become the commander i am coming back because i want to change the server with you and make it safe for my friends.

Protect the family who backstabbed me and almost ended me in hopes i will fogive it and finally call this place. Home. This was my story, i left many details behind because i didn't want want this to be more sad than it already is so ill leave it be

Sillabye (February 3, 2020)

My Time in the RCFP & My Toughts & (Mainly) Feelings on Current Events:

[10:26 AM]

I can remember the exact day I joined RFCP very clearly. I don't know the date, but I know what I was doing, spending my day in a hospital bed. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I'm a very sick person with a chronic illness. I can't remember the last day I didn't have to wake up in the morning and take a handful of pills. Monday's are blood draws and other test days. I'm usually too tired to do anything but sit in my bed on my computer after a day of classes. Since the age of 16, I've been chronically ill, developed depression, had my anxiety worsen and had two surgeries, including a kidney transplant and five months' worth of dialysis total. And then their relationship and personal life bullshit on top of that.

[10:26 AM]

That day just so happened to be one of my bad days, terrible days. One of those days where they rush you to a hospital, stick you with a million needles, then leave you in a hospital bed for hours. My anxiety was at a 9, I was waiting to hear that once again, my kidneys were failing. In the meantime, I need a distraction, so I, for some reason, chose CPR, despite being 19 and not really wanting to play kids' games anymore. While in the EPF room, I stumbled across the strangest meeting ever. They told me to go watch a youtube video, and I felt like it was the sketchiest thing in the world; still, I joined. And it was just so amazing to see everything. I had a lot of fun those first few days in October, but sickness and anxiety and school caught up with me, and I barely spent time on the server.

[10:27 AM]

Then December came, and I got sick again. I was back in the hospital, the first night of Hanukkah, all alone because visitors weren't allowed that late. My family was out celebrating two hours away while I sat in a bed. Something compelled me to check back on the RFCP server when I saw there was a nearly forgotten Hanukkah event. I didn't think Commander Prior would continue holding the event mainly just for me. Still, I honestly didn't want to be alone so, I made sure to be apart of it, I mentioned I was Jewish and hoped. Little did I know how touching of a moment that would be for me, I felt so at home, so welcomed, so happy. So just… not alone, despite everything. I was touched that people around me had done such a wonderful mitzvah (Deeds of selflessness to benefit another in the Jewish faith).

[10:27 AM]

I was super touched, and I did try to get to know people more, but then my health started failing, I had to work more. I was having other home problems, so even though I really wanted to be a part of the RFCP, I just kinda let it slip away...

Until January 14th. Commander Prior messaged me out of the blue, just asking how I was doing, asking if I needed a compassionate listener. And he listened. And it helped so much. Prior encouraged me back to the server to meet all the new recruits I had missed, so I made sure to, thinking it was gonna be too awkward, no one was gonna care about what I said. I ended up having a bad night, but still tried,

And was welcomed with open arms, feeling more wanted, more appreciated, more loved then I could ever remember. I was so used to being the sick girl no one wanted to spend time with, and every one pitied, but here I just felt so welcomed and safe. The next day I joined a voice call and had more fun than I had then entire night with people IRL. I knew I was home. I had found a place I could be safe, a place I could be happy. I've made such great friends, I've had so much fun and I didn't disappear when I got sick again, I wanted to keep being a part of this community. When my personal life went to shit, I relied more on this community, spending as much time as I could doing events and having fun. Sure getting promoted was great, and I loved it, but I loved the family I was making more than anything else.

I became so much happier than I've been in so long. My anxiety had started to melt away, my depression became much more manageable, and I thank you all so much for that. For cheering me on when I had my Disney interview. For becoming my friends and for making me feel safe and welcomed. I cannot thank you all enough for how much happiness you guys have brought me.

Playing Hide and Seek with everyone was the happiest I've been in months, it was just so great, and I loved every moment, and everyone was just so happy, and we couldn't wait to do it again.

And then the next day it all went to shit. Fighting, calling each other horrible names just being angry and rude. Friends at each other's throats, accusing people of abusing power, people leaving and joining back, then going again. Things just became toxic, so toxic I had to mute the server I had come to love. Anyone paying attention has noticed I've become an anxious mess, running to safe spaces whenever the fighting has happened. I personally had to go on leave because I felt I was being ripped in part and being forced to pick sides. And I know a lot of you were hurt too and are still hurting. I've personally felt sick reading some of the things we've read about each other. It has been hard reading words that should have never been spoken and being apart of conversation that should have been left in the DMs.

So some of you probably aren't gonna care, maybe none of you will, but I do care. I'm asking all of us to try, to try to become better, to make the RFCP better. A lot of people seem to feel the RFCP is broken and almost beyond repair, but it's not. We're not just strangers on the internet, we are friends, we are a family. So maybe it's time to let bygones be bygones, to attempt to fix things in a positive way, where we're not screaming and yelling and stripping people of their roles. To stop dragging each other down, we should be building each other up so the RFCP becomes stronger and better. To stop saying awful, despicable things to one another. To be a family again, one where everyone at least feels safe and mostly happy. Sure we'll fight, families always do, but we can't let that break us. We've all said and done things the last two days were probably not proud of, its human nature. Were not perfect, but all we are doing is hurting each other and making things worse. We can be better, we are better. We are the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, and that means something, something important. Things are broken right now, but nothing is gonna get fixed by more hate, it's just gonna make a bigger divide.

I love you all.

Erat Ipso Sacra

Seagull (Retirement Post) (February 4, 2020)

Dear RFCP,

I have come to announce my retirement from the RFCP for an indefinite period of time. Due to obligations I have in real life and other affairs, I have been unable to interact with the community and perform my responsibilites as much as I had before. These responsibilities have cut into my time in the RFCP and leaves me unable to do anything.

So it is with great sadness that I formally hand in my resignation, with the blessings of both Prior and Opino. Before I leave, I ask that you all stay together as a strong family, free of toxicity and hatred, treating each other with an equal level of love and respect. I ask that you all remain epic and remember all the love the RFCP is capable of making.

One final request (and I'm serious), is that ANY mature content is to be said in #rfcp-after-dark, and to remember that there are many people who should not be exposed to that kind of content in general chat. My PMs will always be open and I will be visiting every now and then.

With that said...

RFCP, stay epic. Goodbye.

Sincerely, Seagull

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

HamsterloverL (February 4, 2020)

Let me tell you about something that happened to me in real life. When I was in elementary and middle school I was always bullied for being a nerd. I loved to read (yes I am a booknerd123 lol) and I was never really in with the “popular crowd”. I had some very toxic friendships at that time that caused me to feel inferior. I hoped that things would change in high school for me. I found a group of girls who were just as quirky as I was. We all were so tight knit and we would always help each other with everything. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was with good friends. I truly felt like I belonged. But something happened recently that changed that. My real life best friend, the one I thought I could count on for everything, the one I thought would always be there for me hurt me. She hacked into my google account and stole my essay. To top it off, as if the betrayal and theft wasn’t bad enough, when I found out that she was in my google account and she plagiarized my essay, and confronted her, she lied right to my face. I had never felt so hurt in my life. Friends aren’t supposed to do this. Friends are supposed to be there for one another. Some of the other friends in my group saw this and came with me to report it to the teacher. I didn’t want to hurt my friend because I was hoping that it could have been handled maturely and she would admit her fault and move on. But I had no choice. A few weeks later, that same friend turned the rest of my group away from me. She accused me of being egotistical and selfish, only caring about myself, and said some other awful things I’d rather not include here. It felt like someone just pierced my heart. This person, twisting the story around so they could come out on top? It was sickening. It hurt so much to see my friends turn against me. People I thought I knew, people I trusted, betraying me like that.

Even when things were bad in real life though, RFCP has always had my back. You guys were always my shoulder to cry on, a place I could go and feel happy and laugh everything off. Even when things got tough here, you all helped me to learn to never give up. You helped me become a stronger person than I ever could have become. You taught me the value of friendship, real friendship and how although we may be all strangers that met on club penguin, we are a family. I have met truly incredible people here and I’m proud to be RFCP. So thank you all for being there for me when I needed it the most. You all mean the world to me. I would literally give anything for you guys. Never forget that.

Erat ipso sacra forever

Pixie (On Leave Notice) (February 5, 2020)

Hello Comrades. Pixie speaking.

I first and foremost want you all to know that I love each and every one of you desperately. Y'all are a family that I never expected to have, and a family I’m not quite sure I even deserved. I know I seem pretty happy all the time, but the truth is, I’m actually really sad. I’ve struggled with severe depression since I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. If anything, you guys are the reason why I can be so cheerful and active in the chat. You all make me happy beyond measure. Thank you for being a safe haven that I discovered at the beginning of January that I really needed.

I have been wrestling with this decision for a while now. It’s been tearing me apart. I’ve had numerous conversations with my therapist and with myself over the past couple weeks about what I need to do to take care of myself better, and make sure that I don’t end up, well, not here anymore; I came to this decision.

I am going to be taking a leave of absence to focus on my mental health, and not only the obligations I have in real life to my job, and the people in my life, but the obligations I have to myself. To make sure that I’m okay. To make sure that I don’t relapse. To make sure that I do not die.

Please take care of yourselves, it’ll hurt me beyond words if anything ever happened to any of you.

I love you all. Erat Ipso Sacra

Ice Corporal Pixie