Recon Federation Of Club Penguin Wiki

Ratlord, otherwise known as Oli, is a rather recent member of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. He is well known for his artwork and as a reporter for Club Penguin Armies News Network. He rose to the rank of sergeant and is a veteran of the War of No Return. He left the army in early November to return to his original army, ACP.



Ratlord first joined Club Penguin in circa 2008, although would not be apart of the army scene until 2019. He was rather on and off about Club Penguin, but in September of 2019 learned it was brought back and immediately jumped back in full steam ahead. Here, after joining a stamp collecting group and notably getting to 100 stamps in 8 days, he met Mchappy and joined ACP, albeit not very involved. One fateful day, while looking for something to do, he came across a somewhat full table in the EPF Command Room. Here he heard of RFCP, and joined the Discord, hoping to make friends, going on to decide to jump ship and join the army. Some minor conflict came up, but it was quickly put to rest as things were cleared up.  This decision would not last however, and Oli would later return to ACP, although his friendships would go on.