Recon Federation Of Club Penguin Wiki

The RFCP Discord Server Layout describes in what order the categories and their channels have been placed in the Ecumene's seat of government. Below is a tree diagram (No picture provided), of how they are placed. Any channels without any labels are public and can be read and/or talked in by anyone. Other channels that have the "(Locked)" label are private and require to be sworn in by an officer/general, to acquire the rank of Agent thus being given a higher clearance. The RFCP has a policy of zero-tolerance towards spies and alts from enemy organizations. Intruders are swiftly dealt with.


  1. General-Chat
  2. Chat-Espanol
  3. News
  4. RFCP-Summit (Locked)
  5. Event-Alert (Locked)
  6. Polls (Locked)
  7. S30 (Locked)
  8. RFCP-Testimonies
  9. Commander-Broadcast (Locked)
  10. New-Recruits


  1. Orders
  2. Blue-Orders
  3. RFCP-Navy (Locked)
  4. RFCP-Air-Force (Locked)
  5. Recruitment-Coalition (Locked)
  6. Missions (Locked)


  1. Rules
  2. Constitution
  3. Army-Basics
  4. Ranks
  5. Website
  6. Uniform
  7. Flag
  8. Map
  9. Formations (Locked)


  1. Event-Results
  2. Gallery-and-Media
  3. Memes
  4. Dogs

[Off-duty Channels]

  1. RFCP-After-Dark
  2. Bank-of-RFCP
  3. Ask-Dr-Chad
  4. Cold-one-with-the-boys (Locked)
  5. Gentlemen-with-cigars-and-brandy (Locked)
  6. Storytime-with-papa-prior (Locked)
  7. Wedding-Planning (Locked)
  8. Copypasta

[Voice Channels]

  1. Voice-chat-transcript

VC: Commissar VC: Test (Locked) VC: For Sha


  1. Hardcore-general-chat (Locked)
  2. Bot-spam